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supports catch and release
supports a strict catch and release

believes it offers a
 temporary respite from today's
 busy and hectic world. A unique
 angling experience awaits you.
 Loose yourself in the hypnotic,
 relaxing sound of gentle waves
 breaking on shore to the
 rhythm of your fly casting or get
 lost in the sewing machine purr
 of your spinning reel. Then later
 you can enjoy a cool drink and
 evening meal. After a great
 days angling you recount and
 tell the stories, the sights and
 sounds that you witnessed and
 experienced during your days

 Remember that tern that dived
 five feet from where you stood,
 the otter, or that surface
 explosion as a big sea bass hit
 your fly, missed and then hit
 again. The surge of adrenaline
 that makes you want to fish

 You sit back and relax, you
 close your eyes, you are
 comfortable in the knowledge
 that there are still two days of
 you holiday left…

Welcome to South East Angling

SEAi offers a high quality, value
 for money
Guided Bass Fishing
. I can provide fully guided
 shore and for late 2011, boat
 Sportfishing packages on
 saltwater fly and lure. This can be
 combined with the provision of
 our 4 star self-catering
 accommodations situated in the
 centre of Wexford town.

 Through the development of a
 vigorous, sustainable and
 environmentally responsible,
 recreational angling activity SEAi
 continues to promote a range of
 high quality and sustainable
 recreational angling tourism
 services and products. SEAi will
 continue the promotion of the
 necessity to maintain and protect
 fishery habitats, the environment
 and related communities.

 Travel to and from your airport -
 Dublin, Cork or Waterford in our
 comfortable SUV. On your arrival
 you can relax in our quality
 accommodations based in a quiet
 mature suburban setting, a short
 walk from Wexford town centre.
 I will always ensure your stay will
 be a comfortable and pleasant
 experience. Information is
 provided in our SEAi info pack and
 you can sample some of
 Wexfords local breads, cheeses
 and Jams from our welcome
 basket as you browse your
 holiday plan.

 Your fishing is matched to the
 optimum weekly tides and a
 printed report of our daily activity
 and fishing requirements
 including regulations is provided
 and discussed in detail on your
 arrival and on a daily basis.

 Wexford town and all of its
 amenities is easily and
 immediately accessible, you are
 less than three minutes walk from
 restaurants, shops, pubs and
 many many places of local
 interest. All are here for you to
 enjoy, relax and play.

 Jim Hendrick.



 SEAi was created in order to
 attract recreational angling
 tourists, foreign and national
 who engage in sport fishing to
 Co Wexford.

 SEAi aims to encourage and assist
 young people and people who
 have a desire to start sea angling,
 into the sport. Indeed SEAi can
 help to improve anglers in their
 existing fishing skills and even
 develop new ones like saltwater fly
 and lure fishing. 

 SEAi aims to ensure the
 development of a vigorous,
 sustainable and environmentally
 responsible, recreational angling,
 activity. We can successfully fulfil
 the needs of angling tourists,
 foreign and national, young
 anglers, and anyone wishing to
 develop and grow into the sport of

 SEAi will seek to generate
 economic activity, social well
 being, and the continued
 promotion of Co. Wexford’s
 unique environment, habitat and

SEAi actively encourages a catch
 and return philosophy while
 ensuring highest respect for the
 countryside and marine
Even if you are a novice to today's
 modern tackle and techniques,

can provide you with the best
 angling equipment and advice ,
 put you in the right place at the
 right time and most importantly,
 in the right hands to ensure your
 best and safest angling
 experience ever.

From beginner to expert, young or
SEAi has something to offer
 you—be it
training, information or
simply getting started we are here
 to help.

Please do not hesitate to enquire
 for specially tailored packages to
 suit you. From beginner to expert
 we can create a package best
 suited to you.

SEAi is certified in occupational
 first aid to 2008.
SEAi is certified
 in group tutoring and facilitation.
 It is
fully insured to transport and
 work with groups of up to eight
 people in many disciplines.